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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Babies, Babies, and more Babies

There are babies everywhere!!! In the next few months our combined families (my side and Jason's side) are expecting 3 newborns, and let's not forget the 3 babies that were born last year. That's a total of 6 babies in a years time...WOW!! We're growing fast!!

-Nancy & Sergio's baby girl is expected on March 6th
-Patty & Omar's baby boy is expected the end of July (beginning of Aug)
-Kristy & Jeff's baby (?) the end of Aug (beginning of Sept)
Yesterday, my sister Patty, who's expecting her 2nd child had an ultrasound appointment, and she called us very excited and told us they are expecting a baby boy!! She's 16 weeks and is due the end of July (or first part of Sept). How adorable! Patty & Omar have a 2yr old little boy now, Omarcito, and he's going to be a big brother!
This past Sunday, my Mom & Sisters planned a baby shower for my sister Nancy, who's expecting her 3rd child (a sweet baby girl, who's name will be Alondra). I was unable to attend the baby shower since I live 2.5 hrs away and was unable to make the trip :-( She had a nice shower with many cute gifts. Here are a few pictures.

Nancy was telling me she bought the most adorable baby bassinet...she brought it home, had it assembled, and realized it didn't fit through her doors...the whole purpose was to be able to push it back and forth from room to room...she ended up returning it...a new one is on its way, since baby Alondra is due in a few weeks and needs something to sleep in. Ashlynn, big sister, got to sit in it for a few minutes (it's a cute picture for Alondra's memory book).

And.... my sister-in-law Lizetter sent me pictures of their baby girl that was born in December. She's a few months now and is adorable. Here are a few pictures of Camila Luisana, new baby, with her big sister, Ivanna, and 2 big brothers baby Roberto Carlo & big brother Francisco Daniel. ‏

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Beauty of Nature

This is the beautiful view we have, of the San Bernardino Mountains, on our 40 min drive to church several times a week.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Seventeen years ago today, being Valentines ♥ Day, my dear husband asked me to marry him. I remember the day like it was yesterday! He skipped going to work that night just for this reason, and I remember asking him why he didn't go to work, proceeding to tell him he needed to be responsible .... little did I know his plans, since we had only been dating for 6 months.

This coming March we will celebrate 16 yrs of marriage. I love you my dear husband, today, tomorrow, and forever!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ryan's ER Visit today

While playing outside, Ryan and a cinder block came into contact ~ Ouch!

Waiting to be seen and later in triage.

It's never a bad time for a snack! Ryan ready for a C.T. scan.

The end result...2 staples on the head and a clear C.T. scan.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


The Memories We Give May A Lifetime Live In The Hearts of Those We Hold So Dear and Close
This past weekend, we made a visit to my hometown, McFarland, by the Bakersfield area, and visited with my family :-) & our dearest friends Valerie, Rudy & kids :-). We had such a great time!
(Pictures to come)

February Birthdays

Happy Birthday

February 1st: Happy Birthday to our brother-in-law Sergio Herrera (he's my sister Nancy's husband). His birthday was on Super Bowl Sunday, and they hung out with family and friends and enjoyed the game.

Also on February 1st: Happy Birthday to our nephew Logan Rowell. Logan turned 9 yrs old and had a birthday party last week Tuesday. His party was rock'n...with all you can eat pizza and tons of candy and soda!

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