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Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 11th... =)

I hacked into my MOM's blog!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!! ;D

Well, here is "My Story" from (obviously) MY point of view :) lol.
I just ended my FIRST week of homeschool!!!! I should throw a party ;) haha jk!
*my parents would die* lol
It went really good! I need to work out a few things but over-all, its fun being stuck inside all day!
Lol I attend Capistrano Connections Academy, an online school.
I don't see why I spent 8 hours at my public school when I spend half those hours online & working at my own pace! :D I still get finished early if I take my time! Lol.
It's fun :D hehe!
Pictures will be posted later....when my mom gets on or when she takes any...
or maybe when I hack her blog again ;)

Until next time...

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