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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weekend at Grandma & Grandpa's

This past weekend, I took the boys to see Grandma & Grandpa. We didn't leave until Friday evening, picking up my niece, Kristy, at LAX first. She's stationed in Mississippi and was coming home for a visit. The boys were anxions to leave since Thursday, when they found out we were going. Jason & Meg stayed behind, since Meg had drama practice.

The boys had a lot of fun! I took a few pictures but didn't have my camera (mine is broken) and I forgot to take Jason's. I desperatly need a new camera :-/

Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Fun ~ Luau at the Library ~ Aloha

Our mission this summer is to have fun on a budget....very low cost and even FREE :) lol!  I have found that taking the kids out for a few hours a day, several times a week, will help the "I'm bored" sayings and reduce the "this is going to be a loooong summer" thoughts...lol... It probably wont eliminate all of them, but sure will help!

The Library has a reading program this summer. It's an awesome program. Kids sign up, do crafts, get free prizes...who can beat that, right?! It's awesome.

Today, we went to the Luau, and it was so much fun...pictures posted on my other blog.  http://memorieswithpicturesoftheday.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I found it!

Don't you just love it when you find something you've misplaced!? Or placed it in a real safe place so it wouldn't get lost! Yeah, I think we've all done.

A few weeks ago I found a gift card that I had misplaced a LONG  time ago . It was a $25 gift card to Wingnuts, which I received over 2yrs ago! As we cleaned out the garage and got ready for a yard sale I found it! Along with a $30 gift card to the Bible book store, which I also received a LONG time ago too and never used! Thank goodness it never expires!! Yes!! I'm going to use it for Meagan's new bible :)! She will be so happy to finally have a new grown up bible and not have to carry her Precious Moments baby Bible to church any longer...lol...poor girl! I must say, she carries it to every service with pride :)

Here are a few pictures of our night out at Wingnuts...Kids enjoyed eating out for a change...and so did Mommy :) and the great thing about it was the kids ate FREE and it only cost us $6.50!!

Meagan enjoying her good book (which she had just checked out from the library)...I had the sun in my face...but cute picture anyway :)

Too much fun in the sun!!

My poor babies had too much sun playing in the pool. They look like little lobsters...mostly on their back and arms. Their skin was red and itchy by the afternoon. Luckily I have an aloe plant growing in the yard (Jason says it's his plant...lol!) Anyway, I cut a branch off it, peeled it, and rubbed it all over Korbin & Ryan's back/arms/neck. Mommy is so sorry!! I feel so bad. We will apply sunscreen every 30 min next time so this doesn't happen again!

Remedy for the next few days: Aloe, itch cream & NO sun for a few day!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Fun in the pool

I think I need to invest a few dollars and buy the kids some pool toys, what do you think?? This is what I found them playing with...lol...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Today we enjoyed a lazy Saturday...slept in, rode our bikes to the park, swam in the pool, ate ice cream, and took pictures of the boys to make a birthday card for Mamaw. Meagan took too long and the pictures were taken without her ...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Catching Up

You'll have to forgive me, but its been months since my last post...so sorry :-/  I guess it's harder than I thought in keeping up with 3 blogs, Facebook, and family life too...hehehe... Well, here I am, trying to think of an update. Earlier I was thinking of just directing everyone to my other blog 'Memories With Pictures of the Day' but I'm going to try and keep up on this anyway. I really do love my blogs :) I updated it with some pictures. I do enjoy keeping everyone posted on what's happening with 'The Rowells.'
We have been working on several fundraisers for the kids. Ryan is going to camp the end of June and we've been selling 'The World's Finest Chocolates' and have sold 6 boxes! Yeah for Ryan!!! His way to camp is paid for! And, Meg is going to PEAK Youth Conference in Oklahoma in July, and her way is paid for too. Working on spending money for the both of them.

Ryan doing a great job at selling his chocolates!!

Meagan goofing off when she was suppose to be selling chocolates :)

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