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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Catching Up

You'll have to forgive me, but its been months since my last post...so sorry :-/  I guess it's harder than I thought in keeping up with 3 blogs, Facebook, and family life too...hehehe... Well, here I am, trying to think of an update. Earlier I was thinking of just directing everyone to my other blog 'Memories With Pictures of the Day' but I'm going to try and keep up on this anyway. I really do love my blogs :) I updated it with some pictures. I do enjoy keeping everyone posted on what's happening with 'The Rowells.'
We have been working on several fundraisers for the kids. Ryan is going to camp the end of June and we've been selling 'The World's Finest Chocolates' and have sold 6 boxes! Yeah for Ryan!!! His way to camp is paid for! And, Meg is going to PEAK Youth Conference in Oklahoma in July, and her way is paid for too. Working on spending money for the both of them.

Ryan doing a great job at selling his chocolates!!

Meagan goofing off when she was suppose to be selling chocolates :)

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