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Monday, May 11, 2009

I want to go to school Mommy

For the last 2 weeks Korbin has cried every morning as we drop Ryan off at school! He says to me, "I wanna go to school Mommy!" And he really means it too...poor child, if he only knew all the years of school he has ahead.

Well, today he got his wish. We played school. I told him I wasn't going to be his Mommy this morning but I'd be his teacher. He liked that idea and it lasted for about 30 min. Here are a few pictures of him cutting, drawing circles, and writing (scribbling :-) his name.


Queen Catherella said...

Hi Mari!
I used to do this with my mom when I was a child. It's true, poor Korbin doesn't know what he's in for once he gets old enough to start school! LOL...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I am still amazed at the working of God's hand in my life. I am enjoying every single second of this incredible journey!! Thanks for the congrats!!! I truly appreciate it!


meg-pi♥ said...

cuteee! look at my blog :)

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