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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Follow THAT Blog!!

I love it when I have new blog follower...Today, I logged in and saw that Jenna from So Cal was a new follower of my blog :) "Thanks Jenna!" And so was Belinda Robinson!

I just want to give Belinda an encouraging word to "just do it!" Start the first post (well, I guess it would be your 2nd post...LOL..!!) There is so much to blog about...you can do it!!

I also clicked on Jenna's blog and fell in love with her layout and postings. I immediately wanted to know 'who did her blog layout' and checked out ShabbyBlogs.com. Shabby Blogs has the cutest saying on their blog...Your home may be where your story begins, but your blog is where your story is told. Love it!!

In doing so, I realized that it's January and I still had a "Merry Christmas" background! Time for a change...ShabbyBlogs here I come!

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