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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Goodbye to Paris

Contrary to the title, no, I’m not in Paris, France on top of the Eiffel Tower :-) …

A few days ago we said “goodbye” to the Family dog, whose name is Paris (female). Who named her you may ask? Well, it was a unanimous vote and the name chosen by six of the eight grandkids, at the time... (our family has grown since then). That’s what happens when you let six kids, all under the age of 11, make a decision. The vet tried to convince Mamaw (loving name our kids call our Mom, otherwise known as Marion Rowell :-) to change her name but Mamaw stuck with it.

(Paris with all her stuff...ready to go)
Paris had been part of the family for two years (give or take a few months). She’s as old as my son Korbin (who turned 2 in Sept). When Paris first joined the family she was a little tiny puppy, that Mamaw brought home. Within a few months Paris grew into a “very big” dog! Paris loved to chase and play with the kids. She also loved to eat everything in sight… she ate shoes, balls, skateboards, toys, etc; basically, anything she could get her teeth on! And believe it or not,she ate her way out of not 1 but 2 fences my bro-in-law Jimmy built and repaired on several occasions...the wood completely gone. Besides eating everything in sight, her next favorite american past time was going swimming in PAPAWS clean swimming pool!!! Hence, the reason for this goodbye. As you can see, he wasn't trained very well!! Half of our backyard looks like the empty fields where the Eiffel tower was first built… no grass, no flowers, or greenery since Paris ate it or dug it all up. (Sorry Mamaw…I wasn’t focusing my pictures too much on the landscaping, just of the kids and Paris :-)
(Korbin unaware that Paris is making her way to him...)

(Korbin telling Paris to "stop it!")

(Ryan hosing down the dog house...
getting it ready for the new home)

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