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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nie Nie Dialogues

(In honor of the Nielson Family…
picture borrowed from NieNie Dialogues Blog site.)

When I joined the blogger world, and as I read many funny, inspiring, and touching blogs, I came across one that had a post about the Nie Nie Dialogues Blog, and the story of a husband and wife who were critically injured in a private plane crash this past August. Touched by their story, and interested to read more, I clicked on the link. My heart broke as I read about their tragedy... I realize how blessed I am to have my husband and children!! "We must be thankful for today and the ones that we love, for tomorrow it can all be gone!"

Nie Nie had been blogging for a few years and as not to miss anything I started reading her blog from the beginning. WOW! What insperation and passion comes from her postings and pictures!! I have been touched...I've realized, why worry about the little things that do not matter! I started to see with different eyes...if that makes any sense! It has inspired me to be a better mommy to my children and the best wife to my husband. I am blessed!!

If you would like to read their story and updates on their recovery, I have added a button to my blog "I readNie Nie."

May the Lord bless and keep this family!!

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