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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving
Come on in and please take your shoes off.
There is plenty of great food (turkey and Honey Baked Ham not pictured :-)

... and lots of desserts. We got all our pies from Polly's Pies this year (well, with the exception of the 3 cream cheese pies we made). Here are a few pictures of our thankful day. We are blessed with a wonderful family to spend it with.

Warning: Lots of pictures ahead :-)

Kristy, Morgan, & me

"Rowell Gang"...hanging out ready to eat.

Korbin (my son) and Morgan (my niece)

Baby Jared...nap time

Ryan (our son)...in a not-so-good mood...he must have been hungry...no pictures please!

Jason's brothers...Jimmy, Jeff, & Jared (and nephew Johnathan in the background sleeping).

Shelley & Jimmy

Jeff, Kristy & Mom

Korbin, Dad, Mom, & Morgan...enjoying a funny video created by the Rowell Brothers

Jason DJ'ing the kids swim party in the backyard, and Korbin attempting to play the drums as well as ride a skateboard. (It's a tradition to heat the pool every year for Thanksgiving. It gives the kids something fun to do :-) and it entertains them ALL day long!)

And a Happy Thanksgiving to my side of the family, who live in McFarland. This is the first year Jason and I weren't able to celebrate this day with both sides of our families. Traditionally, we spend the early afternoon with Mom & Dad Rowell, then drive to be with my family in the evening. This year, my parents decided to spend Thanksgiving with my sister, Patty, in Las Vegas, and for one reason or another we weren't able to make the trip down to McFarland to be with the rest of my family.

1 comment:

Rachel and Aaron Roberts said...

Enjoying your blog! :o) Looks like the Rowell family had a busy and fun thanksgiving. :o)
God bless!

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