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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Friends & Food

Last week Friday we had our friends Rachel & Silas over. It was kind of potluck style, they brought Juan Pollo chicken & their famous potato salad. We also BBQ'd and I made homemade salsa and even baked a chocolate cake (I really wanted to use my new cake plate :) that I bought here!! This is a home decor store you must visit if you are in to decorating your home...my favorite store ever!!

It was nice having them over. We hope to have other couples over soon. I do have to say, they have no children and ours were all over the place...lol... At one point the boys were playing by the pool and splashed us with a little bit of water and oh yeah, Korbin hit Rachel with the pool noodle (accidentally of course...and he did apologize(after Mommy made him))...hopefully we didn't run them off or from accepting any future invitations to our home...lol... Silas did go home with a bowl of my homemade salsa, so hopefully that made up for it :-)

(I did take a few pictures (of the cake on my cute cake plate) that I had planned on posting, but they are M.I.A!! I think Meg got her hands on my camera since she was probably making room for her "photo shoot" pictures.)

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