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Monday, June 1, 2009

Great Finds

I wouldn't normally brag or tell you or anyone that I've gone to the Goodwill looking for some great finds! However, this is the moment...earlier today I was passing by a Goodwill and decided to stop. I found the cutest lamp stand, table, and iron seat for Meagan's "Paris" theme bedroom, a world globe/with stand for the boy's travel (airplanes, vintage cars) theme bedroom, and a table for our kitchen (considering it's been a tough decision to lay down several hundred for a new one!) and I only paid 49.99 for this one at the Goodwill! I was there for about an hours and the guy kept coming out with cute stuff from the back. I sat at the kitchen table for like 30 min trying to decide if I should buy it. I called Jason and he said I could do whatever I wanted to...but he just didn't want to hear it later that he made me do it! I also tried calling Mom for her opinion but of course her cell ph went straight to v-mail (sorry mom). At the end, I ended up buying it. It was ONLY 49.99 and like I said, it's hard paying several hundred dollars in cash for a new one (by all means it's not new and there is wear on it, but it will do for a while)...so, I'll use this one until I get my new one, right :-)
Here is the table...it's black and made very cute ... it was 7.99!
Here is the lamp stand. It's made of iron and brass, with crystals~similar to a chandelier...Adorable!! And it was only 15.99!!!! This stand weighs like 30lbs (maybe a bit exaggerated but it's heavy and made VERY well! I'm sure the original price was in the hundreds.
Here is a close up...I'm telling you, it's adorable!...
...And with the lamp shade on it
The cute iron bench ... this one was 3.99!
And with Korbin trying it out :-)

And here is the 49.99 table with 4 chairs. I'm going to fix it up with cushions and place mats (or something...we'll see ;-)

1 comment:

meg-pi♥ said...

very nice mother-you have done good :) but now where are my dressers gonna go? LOL i still need dressers to put LOTS of clothes in or else we have to make shaleves & stuff in my closet

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