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Friday, January 9, 2009

Back to School

This week Meg, Ryan and I went back to school after our nice, long, much needed winter break!
Meg was off for 2 weeks, Ryan for an entire month and I was off for 3weeks. Meg is in 8th grade, Ryan's in 3rd, and I started the first day of my 6th class of my MBA program; leaving me 3 more classes to go after this one. I should be done by the middle of summer, as long as I don't keep taking 3 week breaks in between each class :-}
For the last few days, Korbin has played with his new Lego's (that Mamaw & Papaw gave him for Christmas...and he loves his new airplane jammies too), since Ryan isn't here to entertain him (a.k.a. "bug him")

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