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Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Year

The Start of 2009
My rambling thoughts... :-)
My holiday cards finally arrived... I purposely made them "New Year's cards" since I waited too long, and they wouldn't arrive in time for Christmas. I picked them up yesterday and spent about 2 hrs addressing them (while Jason entertained the boys and I enjoyed the warmth of the fireplace :-). The cards are so cute. I picked a 12-picture collage, fold-card, and made it black n white with the exception of the family picture, which was in color. I was happy with the results! Here is a picture of it...not the best, but gives you an idea of the card :( I was hoping I could email a copy to myself but that wasn't an option :-(

A little update on London Bree...
Baby London Bree came home today. Jimmy & Shelly stopped by for a few hours. She is so sweet! She slept the entire time (well, almost the entire time...she had 2 (or 3) diaper changes and a change of clothes, since her dinner didn't quite agree with her!) But she was still adorable!
Getting Organized...
I decided I needed a bit of organization, and cleaned all day today! Jason's been bringing home lots of odds and ends from storage (they are piling up in our bedroom & closet) and I was getting to the point of not knowing what to do with it!! I've organized and re-organized that closet but it doesn't seem to get any better!! A few weeks ago, I came across an awesome article on getting a closet organized. It was interesting how this article connected the closet to one's personal life...I may share some tips on a future posting on this topic!

1 comment:

Queen Catherella said...

Love the idea of a new year's card instead of a christmas card... hmmm, might have to steal that for this year..lol. (your card is awesome, by the way!)

Also, congrats to Jimmy & Shelly and Jeff & Kristy... the Rowell family just keeps growing and growing (o:

Please send them my best regards & wishes!


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