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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Count our Blessings

On our long drive to church tonight (40+ min) our kids read the bible and quoted scriptures...WOW! We are blessed to have children that have a desire to learn about GOD and HIS Word! The boys also wanted to prepare for tonight's message and asked what scriptures the Preacher would preach on :-) (Don't get me wrong, they're not always angels on the long drive to church!

They also decided they now want to be called by their middle names... So, we have Nicole, Jenae, Nicholas, Drew & Chase :-)

Meagan Nicole & cousin Brooklynn Jenae Ryan Nicholas with cousin Tristan Drew, and Korbin Chase

1 comment:

Rachel Roberts said...

Korbin's face always makes me smile. He has so much character just in his little grin, I can imagine he is such a fun little guy.

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