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Friday, January 16, 2009

The Joys of Life

With the start of a new year, I hope to make time (and effort) for a few things that I use to enjoy doing ... some things that I enjoyed when I had a lot of free time (that's before kids and college homework, and all the other things in life that come with being a wife and mother of 3). These "use to enjoy" things became less enjoyable as I felt I no longer had the time for or even cared to enjoy. Well, it's a new year and it's time to make changes!

One thing that I use to enjoy sooo much was scrapbooking. If any of you have ever scrapbooked, it takes time and 1 page can take a few hours to finish, since it has to turn out " just right." The last time I scrapbooked was when Korbin was born (that was over 2 years ago). Well, last week Meg & I went to Big Lots and picked up a few supplies; she's also into scrapbooking. I also picked up a Wedding Scrapbook a few days ago...for what you may ask? Well, when Jason and I got married, almost 16 yrs ago, I never really did anything with my pictures (and they've been in storage for the last year). Mind you, we only paid a few hundred dollars for our photographer (that's all we could afford at the time :-) and it took me a few years to even get my pictures..and now 16 yrs later I'm going to put them in a cute scrapbook album. Pictures to come once I get started :-)

Here's a list, which may grow as I remember of the things I "use to enjoy."

-Relaxing hot baths

-Reading for pleasure (books, home magazines, mysteries)


-Taking pictures, printing, and organizing them!...As I use to say "Every moment should be a Kodak moment"

-Cooking and Baking for my family (Don't get me wrong, we eat every night! I just need new recipes and passion ... I know my children will love the baking part of it!)

And I want to Create more beautiful memories with my husband and children ... going out, going to the park, going to the library, reading story books to the boys, taking trips out of town, going to Disneyland, going to visit Grandma and letting the boys play & dig in the dirt ...those kinds of things. Sometime we get so busy that all we have time for is work, bills, school, homework, and starting the day over again the next morning.

Just one more thought...every day I ask the Lord to give me patience....yet I seem to fail miserably in every test!...I need patience to be the loving mother that my children need. Lord please don't give up on me!!

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