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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Birthday party aftermath

At 7:30 this morning, I was rudely awakened by my beautiful, just turned 14 yr old, wondering where her birthday money was, from the family party we had last night!! What!!! It’s 7:30 and you just woke me up from a dream!!

Anyway, seeing that she was serious about this, and after scolding her for leaving the b-day money in an envelope! (after she, accusingly, asked if I threw away any pink envelopes with her name written on it)! I got up!!! I know, sounds confusing, but that’s how it was, at 7:30 this morning.

I asked her if she went through ALL her stuff and did she check the trash…. I told her to run outside and grab the 2 trash bags that were on the very top of the dumpster, since today is trash day!! You guessed it. I dug in the trash this morning…Where is the picture you’re asking?? Yuck, that’s nasty, I’m not taking a picture of the trash I just dug through, lol!!

Anyway, continuing with my story, which happened at 7:30 this morning…I was digging through the trash, as neighbors drove by and probably wondered why “that crazy lady, in a pink robe” was digging in people’s trash.” Yeah, do you think Meagan was out there? Nope!! (Ok... I do have to give Meg credit, she did help me with one.) After dumping several bags, Meagan going back in the house, and returning to the front door to say something about the envelop had been under the couch, or on the armrest of the couch... Mind you, she’s at the front door and I’m at the curb (with cars driving by) and I really can’t hear what she’s saying!! I’m focused on digging through the trash, since I see the trash truck approaching me, and it’s about 4 houses away. (Trash truck approaches, but drives by without stopping, I guess he's not our trash man.)

I went back in the house to find Meg sitting, very calmly on her bed, sorting through her b-day presents, only to find out that she had found the money (while I had been outside, still digging in the trash!) She said, "I told you I found it." I guess that's what she was trying to tell me when she appeared at the doorway and I was at the curb!!

1 comment:

Mimi said...

lol this story is too funy. I was cracking up... I wish I was standing there with a camara, you cant deny it would have made for a funy picture... lol Jk



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