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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Olivia

Keeping up with family birthdays is a little harder than what I expected! Of all things, I forgot to call my sister, Olivia, this past Wednesday to wish her a happy birthday. Sorry sister :-( I didn't realize that I even forgot her birthday until the day before yesterday!

Well, Happy, Happy Birthday dear Sister!! I left her a message but I'm thinking she hasn't returned my call since she's back East somewhere with her 10 yr old daughter, who runs cross country and is competing. I did hear, from my sister Nancy, that my niece came in 13th place out of about 250 girls!! Wow. I'll post pictures if I can get my hands on some, and I will post a picture of my sister in the next day or so. By the way, my niece is one of the best in California and that's one of the reasons she travels to other states to compete...she can outrun girls even in divisions older than her!! Way to go Sonia!!

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