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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Snow Fest

Today, I took our boys to the Snow Fest, here in the city of Norwalk. It's an annual event where the city makes snow (out of big blocks of ice, I was told, since I asked :-). There were snow slides, crafts, games, and a snow play area. This was our 1st year going and we had FUN!! Here are a few pictures of the event.

Ryan wrestling Korbin down for a picture!

Ryan showing off his "snow man."
(It's a little small & it's melting!)

Korbin & Ryan enjoying the snow, on the outside, since the lines were way tooo long when we first arrived

We finally made it inside...twice!! The 1st time around Korbin left kicking & screaming (not pictured, since my hands were full). His 8 minutes of "snow play-time" were NOT long enough. I was a good Mommy and we got in line, again!

Writting letters to Santa ... Korbin was done quick and used his pencils as drum sticks...he's my little drummer boy!

In line for the sled ride!

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may-gin :) said...

awww cute...now i need a post for me ;]

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