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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Night Out

This past Friday night Papa babysat Ryan & Korbin, for a few hours, so that Jason & I could attend his company Christmas party. (Meg was lucky and she attended the Youth Christmas Party.) Thanks Dad for babysitting!!!

We had such a nice night out...The Italian restaurant was great! And, it's not often that we get lucky in finding someone to babysit 3 kids... thanks Dad!!! We would have loved to do an over-night (since we had plans on staying at our new resort in the downtown Disney area (we're timeshare owners :-) but I know that was pushing our luck. We picked up the kids after a few hours and off we went to the nice 2-bedroom condo resort. Once we got there, the kids ate popcorn and we all stayed up late, slept in the next morning, and had a nice breakfast at Denny's. We plan on doing this again on Christmas Day, after we celebrate the morning with family!!

Ryan making hot chocolate and popcorn.

Korbin testing out the bed and playing drums with the pillows!

Boys bedroom for the night...

Korbin somehow ended up in our bed!

Breakfast at Denny's

(Korbin air-drummed while Ryan colored.)

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