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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This morning, we woke up to a loud bang! It was raining, and I originally thought it was thunderstorm, but no sooner did we find out that someone had crashed into Great-Grandpa's 2 cars, as well as the neighbors!!!! Here's the damage... Thank goodness it was early and there weren't any kids walking to school yet!

Volvo got beat up and the front axle of the truck is gone!

Here's the driver's car...it was bad and the front axle was also broken.

A police car is pictured trying to get really close the driver's car, there was a German Sheaperd in the back seat that was really scared!! Not sure how they got the dog to finally come out.

Originally, the lady was immediately handcuffed when the Sheriff arrived, later to be un-handcuffed and transported to the hospital...something was up with her, she was wearing black sunglasses (there was no sun out and it was raining...hhmm) and she was staggering ALL over the place!!! I'm not an investigator, but something seemed to be up with this poor lady!
Well, for the meantime Grandpa-Great is left with no cars :-(

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