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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dreams...A Sentimental Thought

A few days ago I was "looking back at life"... I guess what brought this on was unpacking lots and lots of old pictures of the day Jason and I got married, having our first baby, taking family vacations, having our 2nd baby, owning our first home, having our 3rd baby... and remembering how much Jason would "dream" of life ... of working toward something and accomplishments...that new house, a vacation ... don't take me wrong, I know things aren't everything, trust me I know!!
I've always been the realistic one. The one that would say "get your head" out of the clouds...think realistic, think in the moment!! But, I'm realizing after 15 years of being married that we don't dream anymore (or often enough)... I know, things aren't everything, but what happen to the beauty of dreaming!!?? It can't always be about getting the bills paid and living just for today...it's about tomorrow and the next day, and even looking at the year to come. It's about more than just today!
I think we need to start dreaming again...Together!

1 comment:

may-gin :) said...

exactly why im "dreaming" of going to Europe some day.


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