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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Trying to Get Things Done

As I sat down at the computer tonight, and looked at Korbin, my little 2 yr old (A.K.A. little drummer boy) and thought to myself 'how glad I was that he’s starting to enjoy books and maybe would entertain himself with the one he was looking at now, so that I could get some homework done!' As that crossed my mind, he very sweetly asked me “if I was doing homework.” It was soooo cute. Of course it sounded more like uummchduing ommmrrrtt.

The sweet moment was just that… he no sooner wanted to jump on/off the bed, sit on my lap, climb on my chair, throw books across the bed, and after reading him the same book 3x and trying to convince him that I needed to do homework…I finally gave up...now, he's trying to play Ryan's XBox...lol...

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