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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Family Picture Day

In preparation for the "Family Picture Day" we all went shopping at The Children's Place and bought matching outfits for all the kids. Aren't they cute!!?? I actually drove to 4 or 5 different stores, trying to find the right sizes...What madness, but it was well worth it, since I can't even begin to tell you the last time we attempted to do a family picture (that is with
the entire Rowell Family)! Here are a few pictures my camera captured. More to come once we
get the proofs from our photographer friend.

Ryan striking a pose

Meagan...looking all grown-up & beautiful
We shopped at a different store for her, since she's too grown up for The Children's place.

Daddy & Korbin

Korbin...it doesn't take long to know when the camera is coming.

The Couples


Lacy Alvarez said...

Cute pictures. Man...ya'll have a big family :-)

Here's my email address



may-gin :) said...

yes we have a VERY big family when u count us ALL up lol

may-gin :) said...

rnt i grown up all ready???

i mean come on!

14 on monday!!!

may-gin :) said...

i am NOT to grown up for childrens place ;]

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